A well-rounded understanding of the central role of the Art of Breathing is essential to your physical fitness, optimal posture, and everyday wellbeing. At the core of ‘a life well lived’, where pain and stress are minimized, and health and vitality are optimized, lies the Power of the Breath! But in order to increase vitality, ease, and happiness, you must first start with believing!

Yes, as humans, we actually have to believe that it is important to develop a conscious relationship with our body, an informed understanding of our breathing mechanism, and a felt-sense and personal experience of optimal breathing before we can call upon these life tools when we really need them.

Understanding how to breathe is not only useful when you exercise (well, in fact it is essential), but it is key to easing-up when you are tired and stressed, and when you need to be at your best, which according to the spiritual path, is always! So, in truth, Breath Support is the twenty-first century’s most highly prized metaphorical ‘pill’! I promise!

Consciously knowing the difference between when you are ‘beside yourself’ and wholesomely ‘connected’ to you, with the skill to get back to your center when you really need it, will significantly improve the joy, quality and longevity of your life, and your myriad of ways of showing up for yourself and those around you.

While joy and pain are flip sides of your ‘university of life’, Breath is the teacher you keep getting over and over again, from year one through to graduation, that reminds you to remember; calling you back to yourself in order to recognize, honor and hone who you really are!

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, your shoulders are elevated and soar, your abdomen and hip flexors are tight, and your lower back muscles are not happy? Everyday movement becomes labored and restricted. In contrast, learning how to access conscious, easy breathing and optimal diaphragmatic movement will help you cultivate healthy tone of your musculature and fascia, sooth those darned hip flexors, and give you back lots of vitality.

In summary, everything starts with and moves on the Flow of Your Breath. Proper diaphragmatic breathing is at the centre of the ideal neurological functioning, all physiological processes, and ultimately your inner calm and joie de vive! In fact, upon reflection, it is obvious that Breath is at the essence of your very being. Yet sometimes, the obvious is obstructed by its seeming simplicity.

In the next few Blogs, I will help you demystify the Art of Breathing, for it takes education about the science and anatomy of breathing, together with an experiential exploration of the breath, to truly develop a conscious and personally meaningful understanding of how to embody conscious breathing in your daily life and movement practice.

Remember that saying, “The Bliss of a Non-Tooth Ache?” Huh? In brief, we don’t have to wait for a terrible toothache to come along and then dissipate in order to appreciate how nice it is to be without pain. So, when starting up your day or exercising to get fit, instead of relegating the art of breathing to the second, third, fourth, or last item on your list of priorities, it is my hope that these next few Blogs about breath will bring it up to #1 in your journey of ‘a life well lived’.

In the meantime, here is a short video by physiotherapist Dr. Mathew J. Taylor. It is about the relationship of the three diaphragms of our body to the process of respiration, and how the pairing of your mind and body mutually affects one other, in all cases, for health and happiness!

As we begin to deconstruct the dynamic relationship of our breath, posture, mind, body, thinking, and feeling states, it is my hope that you will use your newfound understanding and personal experience about “breathing” to be Just You!
A three Diaphragm model by Dr. Mathew J. Taylor

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