Video #5: Activating Your Center of Gravity

This is the final video in the movement meditation series, “Strength & Grace through Movement”. It takes you from the floor to kneeling and sitting, then into and out of two famous Yoga postures, DWD and Plank. You learn how to lead with and move from your center or gravity (i.e. pelvis) with support and control, rather than dragging or collapsing into your weight as you move.

As you discover how to be both ‘light and strong’ in your body at the same time, you be able to consciously activate your weight from position-to-positive with ease and confidence, thus amplifying your take away from this movement series. I hope you have learned all kinds of wonderful things about your body and yourself for your life and relationships.

Exercises: Knee Drop, Spinal Sequencing on All Fours, Downward Dog, Plank