Course Objectives

To acquire a thorough understanding of The Pilates Method and its applications

To offer an educational framework for the study of the body-in-motion

To deepen teachers’ knowledge and movement experiences of their bodies by learning new ways to understand and access their own physicality and movement profiles

To enhance psychophysical awareness as the baseline for embodied movement, self-knowledge, and excellence as an educator

To develop whole-body strength and flexibility, supporting athletic performance and daily function

To develop assessment, observation, problem solving and interpersonal skills in order to work with clients with accuracy and sensitivity

To access experiential anatomy, imagery, and accuracy of cueing to help master teaching and communication skills

To bridge the gap between floor/equipment exercises and vertical movement and locomotion

To enhance networking and sharing of ideas between medical and allied health care practitioners in order to maximize the success of our combined approaches to physical health and fitness

To explore the interface between “education” and “therapy” as a body-mind continuum that requires the conscious involvement of the client in his/her movement process and the practitioner’s commitment to addressing the whole person towards total health

To encourage further learning in somatic and related fields for personal and professional development