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Postural Assessment

Each private session begins with a postural assessment as the baseline for your subsequent training. Designed for everyone, they are especially useful for clients experiencing acute or chronic pain. During a one-hour assessment, I analyze your standing posture, strength, flexibility, and muscular imbalances, asking you to perform simple movement patterns to reveal how you show up in your body. A pain history, gait analysis and your personal goals are also integrated into the solution. The assessment summary is explained so that you understand your starting point and the proposed action strategy to achieve your goals. With focus on how you do what you do, as well as what you do, we work together to create positive change in your physical health and life.

Private (one-on-one) and Semi Private Classes (two to three students)

Private sessions in The Second Wind® Method are designed for students to develop deep core strength and balanced flexibility without strain or injury, connecting the benefits of your training to your daily life. They highlight the central relationship of breath integration, alignment and movement coordination for improving your strength and posture. Movements progress from simple to complex, and subtle to physically active, in order to foster your unique physical ability and personal goals. Acute and chronic injuries that restrict natural movement are treated through neuromuscular re-patterning so that you regain a new balance of strength and ease in your life.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT)®

There are many opportunities in life to ask for advice or to follow directives and guidance from outside. There are fewer structures that encourage us to go inward for the ultimate answer. PRYT is a unique approach to movement therapy that helps you develop your own inner wisdom and personal clarity through elements of contemporary mind-body psychology, therapeutic yoga and bodywork techniques.

A private session is 60-minute to 90-minutes long during which you safely explore, release and heal physical and/or emotional pain, including chronic and acute injuries and stress related conditions, such as family and professional issues, life-changes, loss, and depression. You are assisted to go deeply into supported postures and stretches to access your inner voice and understanding about your own bodies and lives to affect positive change and choices.


Postural Assessment

  • Client History and Goals
  • Standing Postural Assessment
  • Movement Analysis& Pain Assessment
  • Strength/ Flexibility Assessment
  • Gait Analysis
  • Plan Outline

Private Sessions

  • Single Session $85

Semi-Private Sessions
(2 persons)

  • Single Session $45 per person

NOTE: 24-hour notice is required for cancellation of a scheduled private or semi-private class to prevent billing for unattended session.

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