Strength and Grace Through Movement

What if you discovered an extraordinary method of mind-body conditioning that enabled you to live with minimal pain and maximum vitality by teaching you a way of exercising that results in a strong, supple and energized mind and body. The Second Wind® Approach does just that. Skillfully combining The Pilates Method with Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)®, it teaches you how to perform any movement you undertake with confidence and joy, rather than by rote or guess work. You will learn how to move with efficiency and grace according to the natural design of your body – fundamentally changing your fitness, posture and freedom of movement – for life.

Efficient whole-body movement is a learnable art and technical skill, but the information has to be made available to you. With The Second Wind® Approach, you won’t have to look any further. It integrates complementary approaches to mind-body exercise, postural re-education, and pain management into one extraordinary approach to mind-body conditioning that demystifies a depth of knowledge usually reserved for the specialist so that you gain incredible and valuable insight into your own body.

Through teaching you to work from within instead of ‘working out’, not only will you finally overcome the conundrum of getting fit, but you will experience the extraordinary intelligence of your own body as one of your greatest teachers.

Strength is a balancing act of core strength and flexibility that evolves by applying functional principles of alignment and biomechanics to detailed instruction, with attention to quality over quantity.

Grace evolves naturally when you connect with your organized whole-body alignment and inner sense of peace through conscious movement practice.

Movement is the essence of life. The old saying, ‘Use it or lose it!’ highlights the extraordinary ability of our brain and body to change and evolve according to how we think, move, and feel on a daily basis, referred to in neuroscience as neuroplasticity. With the ability to affect positive change in your body and mind, The Second Wind® Approach is here to help you take the highroad towards a life well lived.