Who Benefits?

The Second Wind® Approach is the ground on which true strength can evolve without strain or injury.

The training is applicable to all forms of exercise, sport, injury and surgical recovery, and of course, your overall health.

Take a Look!

Day-To-Day Living Second Wind® invites you to re-experience movement not as an exercise, but as a life-practice, essential to day-to-day living.

Fitness Enthusiast As a fitness enthusiast, whether from personal training, Pilates, yoga, dance, running, cycling or the performance arts, you will discover how this powerful integration of the art and science of movement optimizes your performance and intelligence about your own body.

Weekend Warrior If you are a weekend warrior, The Second Wind® Approach will extend your athleticism and health by teaching you to move efficiently, with minimum pain and setbacks, able to actively recover from injuries when they do occur.

Join the Hippy Hipster Club Welcome to the club! Danielle specializes in pre- and post-hip replacement preparation and recovery, through functional exercise. She herself, is a proud club member, after all!

My Mighty Knees If you are trying to avoid, prepare for or recover from knee surgery, you have come to the right place. Let Danielle show you a simple range of motion and strength protocol that you can count on now and after the pain is gone. Your knees are at the mercy of your pelvis, spinal alignment and feet, so they need your help. Danielle will teach you the tricks of the trade so that you can continue to walk your way forward with support and ease.

Shoulders? Yes You Can! Shoulders are the wings on our back, designed to free us to express ourselves, manipulate our environment, and relate to each other gracefully. But one only has to experience a small pain somewhere in a shoulder area to appreciate just how vulnerable and restricted our shoulders can become. Let Danielle teach you not only how to become pain free through proper movement patterning and exercise protocols. Experience how finicky shoulders respond so nicely when shown a little respect!

Pilates for Golfers: Turn On The Ball Stiff, tense, tired? Yearning for yesterday when you could send that ball effortlessly through the air? A mobile and strong spine is a young spine simply because what you don’t use, you loose. The Turn on The Ball Golfer’s protocol will loosen your spine so it can spiral and power into and out of your swing efficiently. Not only will you increase the range of motion of your spine, but you will be able to connect your swing to your core and centre of gravity from the ground up, rather than swinging from your arms.

Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, and Stroke recovery MS and other neurological diseases and injuries are increasingly common, with MS often beginning in one’s most active years, yet commonly misdiagnosed. These conditions and diseases quickly lead to decreased activity, furthering the complications and progression of the disease through immobility. Pilates is a well-tolerated, low risk form of exercise because it specifically assists clients to improve mobility, strength, flexibility, and balance, facilitating correct movement behavior through neuromuscular re-patterning and improved posture. Let Danielle help you re-organize your mind-body connect so that you can optimize and maintain your ability to move well in your life.

Health Care Practitioners Dedicated teachers of yoga, Pilates, and movement therapy, as well as healthcare providers interested in movement and posture will be able to re-examine their treatment protocol according to the rehabilitative applications inherent in this method combined with their renewed experience of whole-body conscious movement.

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