What our Clients Say

Danielle’s instruction has dramatically advanced my Pilates practice and I am so pleased with the changes in my body, particularly my posture. Danielle is discerning to each student’s body, how each of us compensate or struggle with a position, and provides individual cues and guidance to master and get the most out of every exercise. The depth of her knowledge and insight blows me away. I thoroughly enjoy the progressive challenge of learning Pilates and Integrated Movement with Danielle. I am continually inspired.

Tracy Scanlon

Danielle is an amazing instructor. I have taken her Pilates classes since 1999. Her knowledge of physiology and movement allow her to easily individualize programs to meet each student’s needs. She is able to challenge some participants in the class while, at the same time, modifying the demands of others so that their injuries can be addressed and improved. She is an attentive instructor who is also lots of fun. My core strength, flexibility, balance and posture have all improved as a result of Danielle’s targeted interventions.

Mary MacMillan-Gilkinson

Danielle introduced me to Pilates over ten years ago. Through her instruction I have improved my posture and strength. Danielle is dedicated and works individually with her students to motivate them and guide them to improve their movements, and form so that they receive the benefit from each exercise. She is an enthusiastic instructor, her energy inspires me to work harder! She demonstrates each exercise, assists in making corrections and modifies the exercises for her students depending on their areas of strength or weakness. Danielle always ensures that I am using proper form so that I avoid injury which gives me comfort.

Nella Arnone

Danielle’s classes are as much about freeing your busy mind for 60 or 90 minutes a class, as they are about moving your body. She creates an environment where students can grow both mentally and physically.

Catherine O’Reilly