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Strength & Grace through Movement video 1

Video #1: Waking Up Your Spine! This video explores how to “Roll out the Soles of your Feet”! There are, of course, many ways to do this, and here are a few. After massaging your feet and connecting with the ground, the video continues with a movement sequence, called “Rolling Down Your Spine”. The movement [...]

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Strength & Grace through Movement video 2

Video #2: Restorative Bolster Series This video explores how to find space and breath in your body by using a bolster and blankets to purposely support your body in select positions. These positions invite you to breath into areas of your body that may be tight or less aware, simultaneously maximizing your respiration for movement [...]

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Strength & Grace through Movement video 3

Video #3: Opening Your Hips! This video, again uses the bolster, this time, to explore the natural movements of the hip joint. The goal of the video is threefold: First, to release tension and unconscious holding in your hip flexors, lumbar muscles, hamstrings, and gluteus muscles. Next, to explore all the movements a hip joint [...]

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Strength & Grace through Movement video 4

Video #4: Exploring the Head-Tail Connection of our Spine This video takes you through the basic development patterns of our neurological development from utero through to standing and walking. The exploration helps to connect you with your spine and whole-body organization-coordination, for daily life, exercise and sport. Exercises: X’s & O’s, Body Half, Contralateral, Fly [...]

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Strength & Grace through Movement video 5

Video #5: Activating Your Center of Gravity This is the final video in the movement meditation series, “Strength & Grace through Movement”. It takes you from the floor to kneeling and sitting, then into and out of two famous Yoga postures, DWD and Plank. You learn how to lead with and move from your center [...]

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