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Following Danielle’s dance career and academic study, she completed a second graduate degree in Laban Movement Analysis through the University du Quebec a Montreal, together with the Laban Institute of Movement Studies in New York. She followed this training with continued studies in The Pilates Method, eventually becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor through both Stott Pilates and Body Harmonics in Toronto.


Here we go! Let's explore that 'other' diaphragm, the Pelvic Floor! Structure and Function of the Pelvic Floor The pelvic floor is also spoken of as the pelvic diaphragm, so please interchange these terms as you see fit. The pelvic floor spans the area at the bottom of the torso that acts as the muscular [...]

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Stress Breathing or Shallow Breathing ... occurs when the downward, vertical movement of the diaphragm is restricted, reducing blood circulation, oxygen supply, visceral health, and energy. Accessory breathing muscles, located in the area of the neck and shoulders, often referred to as stress muscles, become active. Shallow breathing occurs for many reasons, including abdominal tension, illness, [...]

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A Simple Definition from Kendal: “Respiration refers to the exchange of gases between the cells of an organism and the external environment. Respiration consists of ventilation and circulation. Ventilation is the movement of gases into and out of the lungs, while circulation is the transport of these gases to the tissues within the body [...]

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Today's Blog outlines the basic anatomy of your lungs, diaphragm, thorax, circulatory system, and heart...to be followed by a tour of your pelvic floor. It is my hope that you will learn to love anatomy, because it is 'neat and tidy' and makes logical, tactile sense once explained and felt. PART ONE: THE THORAX AND [...]

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EDUCATION   INSPIRATION   TRANSFORMATION A well-rounded understanding of the central role of the Art of Breathing is essential to your physical fitness, optimal posture, and everyday wellbeing. At the core of 'a life well lived', where pain and stress are minimized, and health and vitality are optimized, lies the Power of the Breath! But [...]

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Pilates, Movement Therapy, and What I Do

Welcome to my Second Wind Website and new Blog! In my first ever 'Blog of Blogs', I would like to start with a brief, personal introduction, for those who do not know me, while updating and connecting with those who do. My name is Danielle Bélec-van Zeyl. I have spent most of my life working [...]

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