Welcome to Second Wind® Pilates Plus®

It is called “Second Wind”…

because that is what happens to you!

Danielle Belec

The Second Wind® Approach

The Second Wind® Approach is a unique blend of classical Pilates, therapeutic movement, and up-to-date functional movement training. The work addresses not only what you do, but how and why you do what we do. Danielle will help you transform your understanding of how your body moves, thinks, and feels.

Danielle Bélec

Danielle Bélec MA, CMA, PMA®-CPT has been a movement educator for over 25 years. She is the Director of Second Wind® Pilates Plus®, creator of Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)®, and founder of the Second Wind® Pilates Plus® Teacher-Training program since 1998.

Teacher Training

Known for “putting the soul back into Pilates,” the Second Wind® Pilates Plus® Teacher Training continues to offer one of the most original, thorough, and longest running programs in Canada. Today, the training is offered by three affiliated studios across Ontario.

Strength & Grace through Movement

What if you discovered an extraordinary approach to mind-body conditioning that enabled you to live with minimal pain and maximum vitality by teaching you a way of moving that results in a strong, supple and energized mind and body? The Second Wind® Approach does just that.

“Danielle’s instruction has dramatically advanced my Pilates practice and I am so pleased with the changes in my body, particularly my posture. The depth of her knowledge and insight blows me away.”